A Client, whose birth certificate was never prepared due to historical turmoil, has recently approached our law office. His intricate history, consisting of surviving the Holocaust, losing loved ones through deportation to the Gulag by Soviet authorities, and numerous migrations, attracted the interest of the Institute of National Remembrance as an example of a Jewish family that suffered the highest sacrifices for their Polish patriotism.

After the war, he emigrated to the United Kingdom, then to the United States, finally settling in Israel. Changes in his place of residence also led to changes in the spelling of his surname and given names.

Despite such convoluted personal history, at the end of May 2023, we managed to prove before the court that he was undoubtedly born within the territory of the Republic of Poland and, after over 90 years, enable him to once again possess a Polish birth certificate.

It was possible to bring the case to a happy end only because of our close cooperation with historians, who helped us in gathering information and connecting missing links.

Engaged in the project: