Polish law firm with global reach

The Polish law firm of Hanglung Law Biernat & Kossacki provides comprehensive legal and business services, including tax and corporate, at all stages of doing business in Poland, Europe and Asia.

We are effective at representing major Polish and foreign entities, including Polish, Thai, Japanese and  Chinese state-owned companies.

We provide comprehensive legal and business services, including advice on taxation and corporate matters, at all stages of doing business in Poland, Europe and Asia. We are effective at representing major Polish and foreign entities, including Polish, Thai, Japanese and Chinese state-owned companies.

What does the word hanglung mean?

Hanglung (恒隆) is synonymous with high quality, problem-solving and knowledge. The law firm’s name reflects its dynamic growth and efficiency in European and Asian markets.

Through Hanglung Law you will enter the Asian market

Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Malaysia – as a law firm, we specialise in providing legal services to entrepreneurs conducting their business or considering entering the market in Asia.

For us, Asia and in particular China is not just about the market, the law and the contractors. It is our passion. We understand the culture and the differences between the Polish and Chinese approaches to business. Our constant development and deepening of our knowledge stem not only from professional needs, but above all from our interests and passion. Thanks to this, we are able to combine these two worlds, creating new quality and cooperation opportunities.

Founders of the law firm

Hanglung Law was founded in 2017 by legal advisor Kamil Biernat and attorney-at-law Łukasz Kossacki – Lytwyn, who, thanks to many years of work in multinational corporations and renowned law firms in the world (Asia, USA, UK), have gained extensive experience in legal services for entrepreneurs.

Why Hanglung?

Our clients can count on us to support them at all stages of launching and operating an international business.

We know what we are doing and we are experts in the areas in which we practice. We know how business works in Poland and Asia – we understand the relevant legal and cultural contexts without being restricted by language barriers. This allows us to handle matters for you comprehensively and to therefore help you achieve your goals.

Our Polish and Chinese teams work together on a daily basis – which sets us apart on the legal services market. The way in which our law firm is organised enables us to provide a unique standard of legal assistance. Our mix of styles and cultures resulting from international cooperation makes us think outside the box. We act effectively, quickly and precisely while always putting your interests first.

Jurisdictions 管辖范围
  • Budynek w Indiach Oznaczenie jurysdykcjiIndia

    India is a union of 28 states and 8 union territories. Despite the British roots of the Indian legal system, the lawmakers of independent India chose to adapt the legal system to India’s unique circumstances. This Asian country’s created hybrid legal system contains elements of civil law, common law and elements of religious law. Despite its complexity, we have a deep understanding of the applicable law in India. Our experience of working with the laws of Asian countries allows us to understand the causes and difficult consequences of problems that our clients may face. We offer comprehensive and effective legal assistance in India, based on our knowledge, experience and close cooperation with Indian specialists.

  • Budynek w Wietnamie Oznaczenie jurysdykcjiVietnam

    Vietnam undoubtedly remains one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Thanks to the constant promotion of Vietnam’s investment potential, the amount of foreign direct is growing year on year. Investors are choosing industries such as food processing, garments and construction, taking advantage of the vast opportunities in this nation of over 97 million people.
    We offer legal services to clients seeking assistance with matters related to Vietnam. The experience of Hanglung Law’s specialists and close cooperation with Vietnamese professionals serving our clients with their knowledge allows us to guarantee effective and reliable assistance.

  • Budynek w Pakistanie Oznaczenie jurysdykcjiPakistan

    Pakistan‘s security and economic situation has improved in recent years. The decline in terrorist attacks, the growth of the manufacturing industry, the high human potential and the expansion of infrastructure through Pakistan-China cooperation are improving the country’s economic situation. Pakistan could become an increasingly attractive economic destination. The country’s legal order, due to its colonial history, is derived from English common law. Being a parliamentary democracy, Pakistan’s legislative powers and executive authority are divided between the federation and its constituent provinces. At Hanglung, we understand this legal situation. By working with specialists experienced in dealing with Pakistani law, we know how to help clients.

  • Budynki w Chinach Oznaczenie jurysdykcjiChina

    China is a country where Hanglung Law has many years of experience in handling client cases, including representation before Chinese courts. We are specialists in our field. We are well acquainted with all procedures and customs associated with Chinese court proceedings. The Shanghai branch of our law firm, thanks to the involvement of our Chinese team, can provide not only court representation in China, but also assist with any case where it is necessary to be “on the ground”. Thanks to our ongoing cooperation with Chinese lawyers who are very familiar with the law and practice in their own country, we provide our clients with a reliable but also efficient service.

  • jurysdykcja singapur Oznaczenie jurysdykcjiSingapore

    The legal system of Singapore – a country once part of the British Commonwealth – has its roots in English law and practice. To this day, common law remains the foundation of the country’s legal system. Since independence, Singapore has developed its own legal system, uniquely tailoring it to the unique social and economic circumstances of this city-state. We have an excellent understanding of the Singaporean legal framework. Our many years of experience operating in Asia allows us to thoroughly understand and accurately assess the needs of clients in need of legal assistance in the country. Thanks to our ongoing cooperation with experienced Singaporean professionals, we are able to guarantee our clients the highest level of legal services.

  • jurysdykcja hongkong Oznaczenie jurysdykcjiHongkong

    Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. The principle of one country with two systems is a dominant feature of Hong Kong’s Basic Law (The Basic Law, 1997). The legal system prevailing in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is therefore different from that known in mainland China. It is based on customary law, supplemented by local law. We have many years of experience operating in Hong Kong. We represent clients before the local courts. We are well acquainted with and understand the peculiarities of this unique region. We work with experienced professionals, providing professional assistance to our clients – both in proceedings before the courts and with any other matter with which you may need reliable support.

  • jurysdykcja izrael Oznaczenie jurysdykcjiIsrael

    Israel is a parliamentary democracy that upholds the principle of the separation of powers. Its legal system is modelled on many of the solutions of the British legal system, supplemented and adapted to the needs of Jewish law. At the firm, we have an excellent understanding of the difficult historical relationship between Poland and Israel. We assist in resolving difficult cases of historical and legal substance, including the obtaining of Polish citizenship. We also have experience in handling criminal cases.

  • jurysdykcja łotwa Oznaczenie jurysdykcjiLatvia

    Latvia, which lies along the coast of the Baltic Sea, is close to Poland both geographically and legally. The country’s legal system is similar to that of France and Germany and is based on the civil law tradition.

    We offer professional legal assistance to clients in need of support with Latvian law. Cooperation with Latvian specialists allows us not only to provide reliable advice, but also to effectively assist clients in resolving cases “on the spot”.

Trusted us: 司法管辖区
Team 恒隆人才

We work as a team that is committed to achieving mutual success.

Hanglung Law is a team of experienced attorneys-at-law, lawyers and trainees who are constantly developing their competences. What distinguishes the Hanglung team is out-of-the-box thinking and passion, which translates into effective action and a high standard of service.


Recommendations 客户评论
  • “I have been working for many years in China with several employers of global fame and leaders in their industry covering position in C-level and I have had the good fortune to retain Mr Liwei Cai on several occasions in legal matters both professional and personal. The services provided and the cooperation were professional and successful. Therefore, I can wholeheartedly recommend you choose this law-firm to be your legal service provider”

    Carlo Nizia | Top Manager in one of the biggest automotive company in China
  • “Kamil’s team understands the legal and business complexity of the international business. If you do business in Poland or China it is great to have him on your side.”

    Zeng Xiaohui | Owner of the Vershold Group
  • “Cooperation with Hanglung Law Biernat and Kossacki is professional. The service itself is provided at a very high level.”

    Maciej Ramotowski | International Cooperation Manager, Port of Gdansk Authority S.A
  • “I had the opportunity to meet Kamil when he represented the opposing party. He was very professional and open minded.”

    Cai Bojun | Head of DFCV Overseas Marketing Department,
  • “Hanglung team is always fully professional and eager to help.”

    Fan Wu | APAC team manager Allegro Sp. z o. o.
  • “Hanglung Law Biernat & Kossacki provides us with professional and comprehensive legal services in the field of Polish and Chinese law throughout the entire period of cooperation. The cooperation with Biernat & Kossacki so far is characterized by professionalism, individual approach to the client, reliability and great commitment. We also appreciate the punctuality in the execution of entrusted orders, attention to detail as well as transparency and clarity of explanations provided to us by Hanglung Law Biernat & Kossacki. As a member of the board of Railink International Intermodal Logistics Poland Sp. z o.o., I am pleased to recommend cooperation with the law firm Hanglung Law Biernat & Kossacki, as well as to express my satisfaction with the course of our cooperation so far.”

    Łukasz Chotej | Member of the Management Board of Railink International Intermodal Logisitisc Poland Sp. z o. o., a company from the CITIC Limited group

Anyone who understands the Chinese mindset and what possibilities there are for cooperating with the Chinese will have an opportunity to create something that competitors can only dream of.

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Verification of Chinese entities –
order report.

Hanglung Law Biernat & Kossacki Spółka Partnerska Radcy Prawnego i Adwokata offers a Chinese economic entity verification service.