We build bridges between business, law and cultures.

We connect Europe and Asia

Hanglung Law 恒隆

A Polish law firm with international reach

Polish law firm Hanglung Law Biernat & Kossacki provides comprehensive legal and business services, including taxation advice and day-to-day corporate services, connected with all stages of doing business in Poland, Europe and Asia.

From our offices in Warsaw, Tarnow and Shanghai, we effectively represent major Polish and foreign entities, including companies owned by the Polish State Treasury.

What does the word hanglung mean?

Hanglung (恒隆) is synonymous with high quality, problem-solving, and knowledge. The firm’s name reflects its global reach, dynamic growth and effectiveness on European and Asian markets.

About Us
Report 报告

Verification of Chinese entities –
order report.

Hanglung Law Biernat & Kossacki Spółka Partnerska Radcy Prawnego i Adwokata offers a Chinese economic entity verification service.

Business in China

Many say that the 21st century will be a golden age for Asian countries.

China remains the continent’s undeniable leader. Rapid economic and technological development has enabled the Middle Kingdom to significantly strengthen its global position and to become the European Union’s most important trading partner.

Gaining access to a market with over 1.4 billion consumers creates incredible opportunities for businesses to develop. Both exporters and importers can be successful when choosing the right path to expand their business in the direction of Asia.

Specializations 专长

Our clients can count on our support at every stage of launching and operating an international business.

We provide specialised and comprehensive legal assistance in the field of company law as well as day-to-day corporate services in Poland, elsewhere in Europe, and in Asia.

Why Hanglung?

Our clients can count on us to support them at all stages of launching and operating an international business.

We know what we are doing and we are experts in the areas in which we practice. We know how business works in Poland and Asia – we understand the relevant legal and cultural contexts without being restricted by language barriers. This allows us to handle matters for you comprehensively and to therefore help you achieve your goals.

Our Polish and Chinese teams work together on a daily basis – which sets us apart on the legal services market. The way in which our law firm is organised enables us to provide a unique standard of legal assistance. Our mix of styles and cultures resulting from international cooperation makes us think outside the box. We act effectively, quickly and precisely while always putting your interests first.

Anyone who understands the Chinese mindset and what possibilities there are for cooperating with the Chinese will have an opportunity to create something that competitors can only dream of.

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Recommendations 建议
  • “I have been working for many years in China with several employers of global fame and leaders in their industry covering position in C-level and I have had the good fortune to retain Mr Liwei Cai on several occasions in legal matters both professional and personal. The services provided and the cooperation were professional and successful. Therefore, I can wholeheartedly recommend you choose this law-firm to be your legal service provider”

    Carlo Nizia | Top Manager in one of the biggest automotive company in China
  • “Kamil’s team understands the legal and business complexity of the international business. If you do business in Poland or China it is great to have him on your side.”

    Zeng Xiaohui | Owner of the Vershold Group
  • “Cooperation with Hanglung Law Biernat and Kossacki is professional. The service itself is provided at a very high level.”

    Maciej Ramotowski | International Cooperation Manager, Port of Gdansk Authority S.A
  • “I had the opportunity to meet Kamil when he represented the opposing party. He was very professional and open minded.”

    Cai Bojun | Head of DFCV Overseas Marketing Department,
  • “Hanglung team is always fully professional and eager to help.”

    Fan Wu | APAC team manager Allegro Sp. z o. o.
  • “Hanglung Law Biernat & Kossacki provides us with professional and comprehensive legal services in the field of Polish and Chinese law throughout the entire period of cooperation. The cooperation with Biernat & Kossacki so far is characterized by professionalism, individual approach to the client, reliability and great commitment. We also appreciate the punctuality in the execution of entrusted orders, attention to detail as well as transparency and clarity of explanations provided to us by Hanglung Law Biernat & Kossacki. As a member of the board of Railink International Intermodal Logistics Poland Sp. z o.o., I am pleased to recommend cooperation with the law firm Hanglung Law Biernat & Kossacki, as well as to express my satisfaction with the course of our cooperation so far.”

    Łukasz Chotej | Member of the Management Board of Railink International Intermodal Logisitisc Poland Sp. z o. o., a company from the CITIC Limited group