International disputes 国际纠纷

The direction of litigation can change very quickly, and regardless of the odds, the state of the case and the country being operated in, we will always be happy to provide the best representation.  

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Court proceedings in cases where the parties come from culturally different countries can be a real challenge, even for experienced lawyers. We have represented the largest companies from Europe and Asia in international proceedings, both in court proceedings, where the challenge is to prepare documentation and have a precise knowledge of the regulations of a given country, and in arbitration, where you need to spend time to understand the arbitrator handling the case, talk to the arbitration institution and carefully analyse the rules of the applicable regulations.  


Meticulous verification of the facts and the preparation of litigation tactics tailored to your case are our specialty. 

We are inquisitive and always strive to secure complete control over the course of a trial. We will not just put your case to one side after formal requirements have been met. 

Team 恒隆人才
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Our clients can count on our support at every stage of launching and operating an international business.

We provide specialised and comprehensive legal assistance in the field of company law as well as day-to-day corporate services in Poland, elsewhere in Europe, and in Asia.