Foreign Direct Investments 外国直接投资

We provide comprehensive assistance to foreign entities in connection with the launching of business operations in the CEE region and entering the Asian market.

Do you want to expand your business to the Central and Eastern European market (CEE region) or enter the Asian market (APAC region)?

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We provide comprehensive help to foreign entities that are starting businesses in the aforementioned regions. We help both with expanding the scope of an existing business and with creating a new one.

We advise at every stage of the investment process, following the preferences and characteristics of the investor and his venture. We help with setting up a company and buying or taking over enterprises operating in this region. We create branches and subsidiaries of enterprises as well as provide legal services related to their financing. We create capital groups in legal and tax terms. We move factories and companies from country to country.

We have our own offices in Poland and in China. In Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea, Pakistan, India, the Czech Republic, Israel and Latvia, we cooperate with local law firms.


In our actions, we are always guided by the interests of our clients. We provide comprehensive and professional legal services addressed to demanding entrepreneurs.

The following are just some of the services that we can provide in connection with Foreign Direct Investment:

  • We will create an organizational structure for your business;
  • We will supervise the entity in the country of entry;
  • We will help you choose the appropriate legal form of business for a given country;
  • We will perform a legal and associated risk analysis related to entering the market of your choice;
  • We will verify your business partners;
  • We will help with participation in public tenders;
  • Legalization of residence – we will complete the formalities needed to obtain the legal right of residence necessary to expand your business;
  • Business model – we will prepare a business model for entering the market;
  • We will help you secure your business in a way that is appropriate for a new market (taxes, intellectual property, corporate law, etc.).
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Our clients can count on our support at every stage of launching and operating an international business.

We provide specialised and comprehensive legal assistance in the field of company law as well as day-to-day corporate services in Poland, elsewhere in Europe, and in Asia.