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Business services are our passion, our main area of specialization and part of our everyday life. We are your trusted partner for every case entrusted to us. 

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The safety and interests of our clients are always our overriding concern. We specialize in ongoing legal services for businesses, including transgenic and complex cases. We help build a business in a way that supports its development and ensures a global scale, including obtaining financing. We help both in starting a business adventure and in shaping and directing it, depending on the scale of operations. 


We help with any legal or business problem, including non-standard ones. We are your partner for every project that you implement. 


We provide classic legal assistance. We believe that the law is a tool supporting the achievement of your business goals, not an obstacle to it. 

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Our clients can count on our support at every stage of launching and operating an international business.

We provide specialised and comprehensive legal assistance in the field of company law as well as day-to-day corporate services in Poland, elsewhere in Europe, and in Asia.