We would like to inform you with joy that Hanglung Law Firm has secured a victory worth over 16 million Polish złoty for our client.

A year and a half ago, two Polish companies specializing in the professional distribution of medical equipment approached us. During the COVID pandemic, they purchased protective masks from a Chinese supplier. Upon receiving the order, it was discovered that the purchased goods had a manufacturing defect.

The seller refused to take responsibility, reassuring the client that they would sue the Chinese manufacturer at their own expense. They hid behind an ongoing legal process for a long time which raised suspicions for our client.

At this point, we entered the case. After a quick review of the situation, it was revealed that the Chinese seller had already lost the case against the manufacturer a long time ago, a fact that had not been disclosed to our client. We used this information to file a lawsuit for payment equivalent to over 16 million Polish złoty for the damages incurred. Due to the complexity of the case, three parallel proceedings were taking place within the same dispute. Providing the necessary evidence was a process that required several months of preparing highly non-standard documentation.

The Chinese People’s Court in Shanghai fully supported our demand and awarded our client a total sum of 16,150,000 Polish złoty, along with the reimbursement of legal costs!

We are thrilled about our client’s victory and extend heartfelt congratulations to the entire Polish and Chinese teams involved in this project!

Engaged in the project: