Real Estate Law 房地产法

As part of our real estate law practice, we focus on securing the interests of our clients through the comprehensive verification of the legal status of investments and their legal environment. We assess problems comprehensively.


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When advising clients, we begin by getting to know the business model behind an investment as thoroughly as possible and then adapt legal solutions to suit the business model from contractual and tax-related angles. 

By using our services in this area, you will receive services tailored to your needs, allowing you to proceed smoothly across the entire investment process, from the idea phase to the implementation phase.


We also have experience with atypical cases, related to, for example, historical events that make it difficult or impossible to undertake investment projects, such as previous easements, reprivatization claims, areas subject to conservation protection, etc. 

Services within this area of specialisation: 

  • Audits of the legal status of real estate;  
  • Historical and legal audits of real estate;  
  • Representation and advice throughout the investment process, including tax law and Venture Capital agreements;  
  • Representation before public administration authorities and common and administrative courts;  
  • Representation and advice during proceedings concerning the inheritance-related division of property, joint property or the division of real estate. 
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